Atlas Copco ES6 Controller

ES6 ControllerThe ES6 Controller is a stand-alone central control system that regulates the net pressure within programmable limits by starting and stopping, loading and unloading (in case of fixed speed compressors) or controlling the speed (in case of VSD compressors) of the connected compressors according to programmed algorithms.


  • Two up to six compressors – within a common air net – can be connected
  • Controls both fixed speed compressors as well as frequency converter driven compressors (VSD)
  • Fixed speed Atlas Copco compressors may have any Elektronikon® regulator or may be pressure switch controlled
  • VSD compressors must have Elektronikon® regulator of the 4th or 5th generation
  • Competitor VSD compressor can be started and stopped by the ES 6 via digital contacts
  • The status of each connected compressor can be checked on the graphical color display
  • all operating parameters are accessible through the menu