Atlas Copco FX 1-21 Air Dryers

Atlas Copco FX 1-21 Air DryersWhen the air that surrounds us is compressed, its vapour and particle concentration increases dramatically. The compression process causes the oil and water vapours to condense into droplets, and then mix with the high concentration of particles. The resulting mixture is an abrasive oily sludge that in many cases is also acidic. Without air treatment equipment, much of this corrosive sludge will enter the compressed air system, corroding the pipe work, damaging pneumatic tools and equipment as well as potentially compromising final product quality.  Atlas Copco’s FX 1-21 Air Dryers can help to eliminate this corrosive sludge by removing the moisture from the air.


Poor air quality costs you money


If the corrosive sludge is allowed to enter the compressed air system, it will not be long before problems start to appear. These are some of the most common, and most expensive problems:


  • Tools and equipment break down more regularly, experience a shorter lifetime and reduced power.
  • The end product, or other materials that come into contact with the contaminated air, can suffer spoilage and quality degradation.
  • The compressed air pipe work will corrode, leading to leaks and a loss of valuable compressed air.
  • As an example, a small leak of just 3 mm is roughly equivalent to wasting 3.7 kW of electricity. In a year, this would cost around £1800 in wasted energy alone.