Atlas Copco GA200-500 & GAVSD315 Rotary Screw Compressors

An Atlas Copco GA200-500 compressorThe GA200-500, GR200-500 and GR110-200 ranges comprise a series of no-nonsense machines with a robust and reliable design, easy to service and environmentally friendly.They are the culmination of decades of continuous improvement, radical innovation and interaction with the customer. Within this range, the Total Energy Saving Concept takes solid form in the GA 315 VSD-FF compressor. It integrates a complete quality compressed air system in a compact package, featuring the ID dryer and the low energy Variable Speed Drive.


The shortest route to maximizing your profitability is to minimize operational cost. Because energy consumption is the major factor in a compressor’s life cycle cost, the focus in the design of the Atlas Copco GA and GR compressors is on saving energy in every conceivable way.This focus is the basis for a total product development concept that encompasses every stage of R&D, manufacturing, installation and after sales service.


An energy efficient machine saves money only if it runs reliably around the clock. And not just today, but day after day, year after year; with minimal service interventions and long overhaul intervals. For over a century, Atlas Copco has been building machines that stand the test of time. With the proven GA/GR-compressors, reliability has never been so timeless.