Festo Product Specification Sheets


Accessories For Pneumatic Fittings System

SEALINGS - Sealing Material(161.5 KiB)
CN Barbed Fittings(369.4 KiB)
CLIP-STRAPS Tubing Holders-straps(113.7 KiB)
TOOLS-P-Pipe And Tubing Cutters(63.0 KiB)

Accessories For Vacuum

ESH Suction Cup Holders(537.5 KiB)

Air Cushion Plates

ATBT Air Cushion Plates(252.9 KiB)

Air Distributor

Branching Modules FRM-Distributor Blocks FRZ, D Series(1.9 MiB)
Branching Modules-Distributor Blocks MS-FRM, MS Series(852.2 KiB)

Air Dryers

LDM1-D Membrane Air Dryers, D Series(356.5 KiB)
MS-LDM1 Membrane Air Dryers, MS Series(468.6 KiB)
PDAD Adsorption Dryers(252.3 KiB)
Atlas Copco F-Series Dryers(1.6 MiB)

Air Gap Sensors

SOPA Air Gap Sensors(229.4 KiB)

Air Guns

AIR-GUNS EN(171.0 KiB)

Axis Controllers

CPX-CMAX Axis Controllers(389.3 KiB)
SPC200 Axis Controllers(668.9 KiB)
SPC11 End Position Controllers(1.0 MiB)

Bellows & Diaphragm Drives

EB Bellows Cylinders(382.2 KiB)
DMSP-MAS Fluidic Muscle(888.5 KiB)

Clamping Cylinders

CLR Linear Swivel Clamps(412.0 KiB)
EV Clamping Modules(309.1 KiB)
DW Hinge Cylinders(599.4 KiB)

Compressed Air Equipment

Leaflet GX 2-7 G7-15 Dec 2016 2935 0869 49(1.9 MiB)

Compressed Air Reservoirs

AIR-RESERVOIRS Air Reservoirs(173.5 KiB)

Condensate Drains

WA-PWEA Condensate Drains(194.1 KiB)
MS-LWS Water Separators, MS Series(797.1 KiB)


QUICK-COUPLINGS Quick Coupling Sockets-plugs(521.5 KiB)

Cylinder - Valve Combinations

DNC Standard Cylinders DNC, ISO 15552(1.4 MiB)

Diagnostics For Fast Processes

SBOC-M Compact Vision System(402.6 KiB)

Direct Drives

ELGL Linear Drives With Air Bearings And Linear Motor(2.2 MiB)
DNCE Electric Cylinders With Linear Motor(794.8 KiB)
ADNE Short Stroke Cylinders With Linear Motor(492.2 KiB)
DFME Electric Guided Drives(2.1 MiB)

Displacement Encoders

MLO-MME Displacement Encoders(628.2 KiB)


DISTRIBUTOR-FR Distribution Manifolds(166.0 KiB)
DISTRIBUTOR-QS Multiple Distributors, Quick Star(460.8 KiB)
DISTRIBUTOR-GF Rotary Distributors(172.3 KiB)

Drives With Displacement Encoder

DDPC Standard Cylinders, Integrated Displacement Encoder(666.7 KiB)
DDLI Linear Drives, With Integrated Displacement Encoder(742.8 KiB)
DGCI Linear Drives, With Displacement Encoder(1.6 MiB)
DSMI Swivel Modules, With Integrated Angular Displacement Encoder(708.6 KiB)
DNCI Standard Cylinders, With Integrated Displacement Encoder(656.2 KiB)

Drives With Guides

DPZ Twin Cylinders(467.8 KiB)
HMP Linear Modules(806.3 KiB)
DFM Guided Drives(1.3 MiB)
DFC Mini Guided Cylinders(289.4 KiB)
DGSC Mini Slides(337.3 KiB)
DGSL Mini Slides(1.6 MiB)
SLE Linear Units(551.0 KiB)
SLT-SLS-SLF Mini Slides(1.1 MiB)
DFP Guided Cylinders(525.2 KiB)

Electric Handling Module

EHMB Electric Rotary Lifting Modules(971.2 KiB)

Electrically And Pneumatically Actuated Directional Control Valves

Solenoid-pneumatic Valves, Tiger Classic(1.1 MiB)
VOFD Valve Series(482.9 KiB)
VOVG Valve Series(1.0 MiB)
VTUG-G Solenoid Valves(5.9 MiB)
MHJ Solenoid Valves, Fast-switching Valves(3.0 MiB)
MH1 Solenoid Valves, Miniature(1.3 MiB)
CPE Universal Valves(5.1 MiB)
Solenoid-Pneumatic Valves, ISO 5599-1(2.4 MiB)
MH2-MH3-MH4 Solenoid Valves, Fast-switching Valves(2.6 MiB)
Solenoid-pneumatic Valves, Midi Pneumatics(1.1 MiB)
VUWG-G Pneumatic Valves(2.0 MiB)
Solenoid-pneumatic Valves, Tiger 2000(1.5 MiB)

Filter Regulator Lubricator

MSB-FRC Service Units, MS Series(508.7 KiB)
FRC-D Service Units, D Series(889.0 KiB)

Filter Regulator Units

LFR-D Filter Regulators, D Series(882.8 KiB)
MS-LFR Filter Regulators, MS Series(1.2 MiB)


MS-FILTERS Filters MS-LF-LFM-LFX, MS Series(1.9 MiB)
LFU Filter Silencers(128.4 KiB)


NPQM Push-in Fittings(443.1 KiB)
NPQP Push-in Fittings(420.8 KiB)
CK Quick Connectors(364.7 KiB)
QUICK-COUPLINGS Quick Coupling Sockets-plugs(521.5 KiB)
QS Push-in Fittings And Connectors, Quick Star(1.5 MiB)
NPQH Push-in Fittings(327.5 KiB)
CRQS Push-in Fittings, Quick Star, Stainless Steel(425.1 KiB)

Flow Control Valves

GR One-way Flow Control, Flow Control And Functional Combinations(2.0 MiB)
GR-VFFE Exhaust Air Flow Control Valves(245.8 KiB)

Flow Sensors

SFE Flow Sensors(393.5 KiB)
SFAB Flow Sensors(274.3 KiB)
SFAM Flow Sensors(447.3 KiB)

Handling Module

HSP Handling Modules(1.6 MiB)

Handling Unit

HSW Handling Modules(1.9 MiB)

Inductive Sensors

SIE Proximity Sensors, Inductive(1.2 MiB)

Linear Drives And Slides

ESBF Electric Cylinders With Spindle Drive(1.1 MiB)
EGC-BS Spindle Axes With Recirculating Ball Bearing Guide(1.6 MiB)
DGEA Cantilever Axes With Toothed Belt Drive(1.1 MiB)
DNCE Electric Cylinders With Spindle Drive(1.3 MiB)
SLTE Mini Slides, Electric(561.1 KiB)
EPCO Electric Cylinders With Spindle Drive(1.1 MiB)
DMES Positioning Axes(1.5 MiB)
DGE-ZR Toothed Belt Axes(2.5 MiB)
ELGA-TB Toothed Belt Axes(1.4 MiB)


MS-LOE Lubricators, MS Series(703.3 KiB)
LOE-D Lubricators, D Series(428.0 KiB)

Mechanical Grippers

DHWS Angle Grippers(634.1 KiB)
HGPP Parallel Grippers, Precision(941.4 KiB)
HGDT Heavy-duty Three-point Grippers(871.3 KiB)
DHRS Radial Grippers(654.0 KiB)
DHPS Parallel Grippers(633.3 KiB)
HGWC Angle Grippers(543.4 KiB)
HGRT Radial Grippers, Heavy-duty(858.7 KiB)
DHEB Bellows Grippers(456.1 KiB)
HGPM Parallel Grippers, Micro(397.8 KiB)
HGWM Angle Grippers, Micro(3.2 MiB)
HGP Parallel Grippers, With Protective Dust Cap(307.7 KiB)
DHDS Three-point Grippers(723.2 KiB)
HGPC Parallel Grippers(573.4 KiB)
HGRC Radial Grippers(540.0 KiB)
HGDS-B Swivel Gripper Units(781.2 KiB)
HGPT-B Parallel Grippers, Heavy-duty(1.2 MiB)
HGDD Three-point Grippers, Sealed(826.6 KiB)
HGPD Parallel Grippers, Sealed(942.0 KiB)
HGPL Parallel Grippers, Heavy-duty With Long Stroke(694.0 KiB)
HGPLE Parallel Grippers, Sturdy With Long Stroke, Electric(465.6 KiB)

Mechanically And Manually Actuated Directional Control Valves

Manually Operated Valves(800.5 KiB)
Mechanically Actuated Valves(1.1 MiB)
SV Front Panel Mount Valves(278.7 KiB)

Media And Process Valves

VZPR Ball Valve Actuators(302.1 KiB)
VAPB, VZBA, VZBC Ball Valves(490.2 KiB)
MN1H-MS Solenoid Valves, Brass Version(258.1 KiB)
VZWM-L Solenoid Valves(165.3 KiB)
VZQA Proportional Media Valves(141.5 KiB)
VZWE Basic Valves, Solenoid Actuated(434.3 KiB)
VZWF Solenoid Valves, Force Pilot Operated(216.8 KiB)
VZXF Angle Seat Valves(222.5 KiB)
VZWP Solenoid Valves, Servo-controlled(179.4 KiB)
VZWD Solenoid Valves, Directly Actuated(330.0 KiB)

On Off Valve And Soft Start Valves

MFHE-VLHE Solenoid Valves-Pneumatic Valves(262.0 KiB)
D - On-off-soft-start Valves HE-HEE-HEP-HEL, D Series(662.4 KiB)
MS - On-off-soft-start Valves MS-EM-EE-DL-DE, MS Series(2.1 MiB)

Optical Sensors

SOE4 Fibre-optic Units(231.8 KiB)
SOE Sensors, Opto-electronic(639.7 KiB)


PIPING Compressed Air Piping PQ(1.4 MiB)

Pneumatic Control Systems

FSS Quickstepper(141.6 KiB)
M5 Compact System(858.7 KiB)
CCES Adding Counters(73.4 KiB)
ZSB Control Blocks For Two-hand Start(230.0 KiB)

Position And Quality Inspection

CHB-C Check Box, Compact(582.2 KiB)
SBOC-Q-SBOI-Q Compact Vision Systems(851.4 KiB)

Position Sensors

SMH Position Sensors, For Grippers(182.0 KiB)
SMAT-8M Position Transmitters For T Slot(305.0 KiB)
SMAT-8E Postion Transmitters For T Slot(261.3 KiB)
ASDLP Measuring Units(154.7 KiB)

Pressure Amplifiers

DPA Pressure Boosters(762.5 KiB)

Pressure And Vacuum Sensors

SPTW Pressure Transmitters(201.5 KiB)
SPBA Pressure Sensors, For Valves(178.5 KiB)
SDE1 Pressure Sensors, With Display(1.8 MiB)
SPTE Pressure Transmitters(240.9 KiB)
PEV-VPEV Pressure And Vacuum Switches(539.3 KiB)
SPAB Pressure Sensors, With Display(432.4 KiB)
SDE3 Pressure Sensors, With Diplay(330.4 KiB)
M5 Compact System(858.7 KiB)
SPAW Pressure Sensors, With Display(584.9 KiB)
SDE5 Pressure Sensors(411.1 KiB)

Pressure Control Valves

LR-MA-LL Pressure And Differential Pressure Regulators(344.2 KiB)

Pressure Indicators

DPA Pressure Boosters(762.5 KiB)
MA Pressure Gauges(332.5 KiB)

Proportional Directional Control Valves

VPWP Proportional Directional Control Valves(538.4 KiB)
MPYE Proportional Directional Control Valves(316.4 KiB)

Proportional Valves

VPPE Proportional Pressure Regulators(488.7 KiB)
MPPE-MPPES Proportional Pressure Regulators(453.6 KiB)
VPPM-G Proportional Pressure Regulators(1.5 MiB)
MPYE Proportional Directional Control Valves(316.4 KiB)
VPWP Proportional Directional Control Valves(538.4 KiB)

Protective Conduit Systems

MKV Protective Conduits(113.3 KiB)

Proximity Switch

SMT-SME-8 Proximity Sensor For T Slot(1.1 MiB)
Proximity Sensors, Round Design(308.5 KiB)
SMT-SME-10 Proximity Sensor For C-slot(540.7 KiB)
Proximity Sensors, Block Design(537.9 KiB)

Push In Fittings For PQ Tubes

CQ Push-in Fittings, For Push-fit Piping Systems(354.9 KiB)


MS-REGULATORS Pressure Regulators MS-LR-LRB-LRP-LRPB-LRE, MS Series(2.6 MiB)
LRP Precision Pressure Regulators LRP-LRPS(297.4 KiB)
D-REGULATORS Pressure Regulators LR-LRS-LRB-LRBS, D Series(1.7 MiB)

Rodless Cylinders

DGO Linear Drive Units(376.9 KiB)
DGC-K Linear Drives(1.0 MiB)
SLG Linear Drives, Flat Design(768.8 KiB)
SLM Linear Drives, With Guided Slide(455.4 KiB)

Rotary Indexing Tables

DHTG Rotary Indexing Tables(1.0 MiB)

Semi Rotary Drives

DRRD Twin-piston Semi-rotary Drives(1.7 MiB)
DSR Semi-rotary Drives(776.3 KiB)
DRQ Semi-rotary Drives(551.0 KiB)
DRQD-B Semi-rotary Drives, Twin Pistons(1.8 MiB)
DSM-B Swivel Modules(2.0 MiB)
DSL-B Swivel Linear Drive Units(600.5 KiB)

Semi Rotary Drives

ERMB Rotary Modules, Electric(1.1 MiB)

Sensor Boxes

SRAP Sensor Boxes, Analogue(294.5 KiB)
DAPZ Limit Switch Attachments(312.8 KiB)
SRBP Sensor Boxes, Binary(298.8 KiB)
SRBF Limit Switch Attachments(263.4 KiB)

Sensor Interfaces

CASM Sensor Interface(2.3 MiB)
DNCI-MEASURE Standard Cylinders, With Measured-value Transducer DADE(441.0 KiB)
DDPC-MEASURE Standard Cylinders, With Measured-value Transducer DADE(404.6 KiB)

Service Unit Combinations

FRC-D Service Unit Combinations(1.0 MiB)
MS Service Unit Combinations(517.3 KiB)

Servo Drives For Process Industry

DRD Copar Quarter Turn Actuators(1.7 MiB)
DFPB Quarter Turn Actuators(451.2 KiB)
DFPI Linear Actuators(676.8 KiB)
ASDLP Measuring Units(154.7 KiB)
DAPS Quarter Turn Actuators(1.4 MiB)
DLP Linear Actuators, Copac(258.9 KiB)

Shock Absorbers

SHOCK-ABSORBER Cushioning Components(1.0 MiB)

Shut Off Valves

W-VBOH Hand Slide Valves(181.1 KiB)
VBQF Quick Exhaust Valves(175.4 KiB)
Ball Valves And Shut-off Valves(358.2 KiB)
SEU-SE Quick Exhaust Valves(251.8 KiB)
VBNF Non-return Valves(231.2 KiB)
Non Return Valves(358.2 KiB)

Signal Convertors

SVE4 Signal Converters(225.6 KiB)
SMH Position Sensors, For Grippers(182.0 KiB)



Standard Based Valve Terminals

CPX Modular Electrical Terminal(10.6 MiB)
VTSA-VTSA-F Valve Terminal(11.0 MiB)

Standard Cylinders

CR-DRIVES Stainless Steel Cylinders(1.6 MiB)
ADNGF Compact Cylinders, Standard Port Pattern(518.2 KiB)
ADVC Short-stroke Cylinders(1.0 MiB)
DSBG Standard Cylinders, To ISO 15552(967.5 KiB)
DSNU Round Cylinders(1.1 MiB)
CDC Compact Cylinders, ISO 21287, Clean Design(601.1 KiB)
ADVUL Compact Cylinders(428.6 KiB)
ADN Compact Cylinders, To ISO 21287(1.6 MiB)
DNC Standard Cylinders, ISO 15552(1.4 MiB)
DSBF Standard Cylinders, To ISO 15552, Clean Design(706.9 KiB)
DSNU-ESNU-ISO Standard Cylinders, ISO 6432(1.2 MiB)
ADVU Compact Cylinders(1.4 MiB)
DSBC Standard Cylinders, To ISO 15552(890.3 KiB)
DNCKE Clamping-unit Cylinders, Standard Port Pattern(605.9 KiB)

Stopper Cylinders

DFST Stopper Cylinders(527.5 KiB)
STA Stopper Cylinders(957.8 KiB)

Tandam Cylinders

ADNM Multi-position Cylinders Adapter Kits(545.9 KiB)
DNCT-ADNH Tandem High-force Cylinders(919.0 KiB)


SPIRAL-TUBING Spiral Plastic Tubing(223.7 KiB)
ID-TUBING Plastic Tubing PU, Standard I D.(154.7 KiB)
OD-TUBING Plastic Tubing, Standard O D(379.7 KiB)
Festo PEN Tubing Data(1.2 MiB)

Universal Valve Terminals

Solenoid Valves VUVB - Valve Terminals VTUB(2.4 MiB)
Valve Terminals VTOC(2.5 MiB)
CPV Valve Terminals, Compact Performance(2.8 MiB)
CPX Modular Electrical Terminal(10.6 MiB)
VTSA-VTSA-F Valve Terminal(11.0 MiB)
CPA-SC Valve Terminals, Smart Cubic(2.7 MiB)
MH1 Solenoid Valves, Miniature(1.3 MiB)
Valve Terminals CDVI, Clean Design(3.7 MiB)

Vacuum Generators

VN Vacuum Generators(1.2 MiB)
VAD-VAK Vacuum Generators(265.1 KiB)
OVEM Vacuum Generators(564.4 KiB)
VADM-VADMI Vacuum Generators(2.3 MiB)
GHS350 900VSDplus Brochure(1.3 MiB)

Vacuum Gripping Technology

ESG Suction Grippers(523.7 KiB)
ESS-ESV Suction Cups With Connection Attachments(329.2 KiB)
OGGB Bernoulli Grippers(156.9 KiB)
VAS-VASB Suction Cups(295.1 KiB)