Leak Detection

Air Leaks? What’s that noise?

That noise is probably the sound of your energy and profit disappearing.


Air leakage is the largest single waste of energy associated with compressed air usage. The average leakage rates in Europe and the US have been estimated at 20% of total system demand.


How can Wearside Pneumatics help…

We can undertake a full leak detection survey of your entire production facility without any disruption to your operation and at a time to suit your requirements.


We will utilise our Ultrasonic leak detection equipment to identify any leaks within the compressed air pipework, each leak will then be clearly identified tagged and photographed, detailing the air loss rate, together with the financial implication associated with the leak, will be incorporated in our findings


After the survey has been completed a full report will be produced collating all the relevant information and the actual implications to the business.


We will also produce a rectification quotation together with an assessment of the payback period, to allow you to make an informed decision as to your next course of action.


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