SMARTLINK is an easy to install, efficient to monitor, easy tailored compressor monitoring program. It offers your company a complete insight of your compressed air production. It helps to predict potential problems (and thus anticipate them); it shows how and where the production can be optimized and energy can be saved.


SMARTLINK is as flexible and informative as you want it to be. Choose from the 3 levels which solution best fits your company.


SmartLink Service report


Rule out all uncertainties. With SMARTLINK Service installed on your compressors, scheduling maintenance visits becomes as simple and easy as it should be; your service log book is always just one click away and youronline link with Atlas Copco allows you to request and receive quotes for spare parts or additional services very fast.


SmartLink Energy report


Safeguard the performance of your equipment. With SMARTLINK Energy, Atlas Copco enables you to continuously monitor and analyze the energy efficiency of your compressor room. You decide on the performance indicators, you define the benchmarks. SMARTLINK analyzes and reports. You can make accurate and immediate improvements when needed. The results can be used for energy monitoring according to ISO50001