Finance Packages

When you order a compressed air package from Wearside Pneumatics, you can be assured of receiving a fantastic, reliable product and outstanding support. At the same time, your business is making a significant financial commitment, which is where our range of flexible Finance Packages can help.


No matter which of our plans you choose, the monthly costs are fixed for the life of the plan and have no hidden extras. The agreement can also include a Service Plan, meaning that you have complete peace of mind. Simply choose the option that is best for your business:



Contract Rental

  • Lower monthly rental cost than other funding options
  • Off balance sheet
  • Tax relief for rental
  • Equipment can be returned at the end of the agreement


Hire Purchase

  • Customer pays a deposit then a fixed monthly sum
  • Equipment appears on balance sheet
  • Full VAT payable up front, but with early recovery
  • Ownership secured by the payment of a nominal option to purchase fee, agreed at the start of the plan
  • Capital allowances may be available


Finance Lease

  • Customer uses the equipment, but does not own it
  • Equipment appears on balance sheet
  • No large front end VAT payment as VAT is paid on monthly rental payments
  • With the agreement of Wearside Pneumatics, the equipment may be divested by the customer at the end of the agreement
  • Tax relief may be available.