Refrigeration Dryers

Refrigerant Dryers

Atlas Copco offer a range of Refrigeration DryersCompressed air is used in a wide variety of industrial applications. Wherever it is used, compressed air must be clean and dry. Containing solid, liquid and gaseous contaminants, untreated compressed air poses a substantial risk as it can damage your air system and end product. Moisture, one of the main components of untreated air can cause corrosion in pipe work, premature failure of pneumatic equipment, product spoilage and more. An air dryer is therefore essential to protect your systems and processes.

Limit the risks of moisture

When the air that surrounds us is compressed, its water vapor and particle concentration increases dramatically. For example, compressing ambient room air to 7 bar(e)/100 psig increases the vapor content or humidity by a factor of around 8, and subsequent cooling forms liquid water. The amount of water depends on the specific application. Compressed air can actually contain three forms of water: liquid water, aerosol (mist) and vapor (gas). An efficient means of removing water from compressed air is therefore vital.
Moisture in the air can be particularly problematic, causing:

  • Corrosion of compressed air piping.
  • Damages & malfunction of air powered equipment.
  • Compressed air leakages due to corroded pipes.
  • Poor paint quality, deterioration of electrostatic painting processes.Deteriorated end product quality.

ISO quality air standard (ISO 8573-1:2010)

The quality of compressed air used in industrial processes is specified in the international standard ISO 8573-1. Untreated compressed air typically contains 3 types of contaminants: dirt, water and oil. The Quality Classes specify the maximum allowed limits.

FD Dryers
Refrigeration Dryers

FX 1-21
FX 1-21 Refrigeration Dryers
F-Series Two models in the F-Series range of refrigerant dryers